What's Happening Here Bucky?

Well, I'm soo glad you asked. Allow me to take a brief recess from grazing in the woods to answer this quintessential query. My name is Bucky, an eccentric white stag with a childish nature. My dream is to be a dog (I'm not sure if that'll work out its hard to build a transmogrifier with only hooves), and I also observe the land around me and help out wherever I can. Througout these quests, I have naturally attained myriad facinating anecdotes, tidbits, and nuggets to share with you, the people of the internet. I will be doing this in the form of this blog here on Yeet he the Sun, kindly set up by Kyle. Be on the lookout for these stories and updates coming to this very "Blog" page soon! Anyhow I must gallop off now. If you wish to contact me with ideas or suggestions simply click on "Contact Bucky" on the homepage. Bye! Signed BUCKY