This is Who We Are:

Bucky The Stag (Site Owner)

A local philanthropist and town eccentric, Bucky is the site owner and eventual sole proprietor of, following a 1-year transitional period in which Armenagael owns and operates the site. In 2021, will become the sole property of Bucky, for him to do as he sees fit. Until then, this site will be the area where the darkest corners of his mind can produce blog content and advertise his acting career. Contact Bucky at

Armenagael, Lord of the Ferrets (Webmaster)

Armenagael (Full title Armenagael, The Disordered One, Leader of the Quadern Society, Firstborn to the Throne, Lord of the Ferrets) is an aspiring CS major and is teaching Bucky to be his apprentice so that the Stag may be able to take over the site and run it once the aforementioned transitional period has passed. Armenagael is responsible for most of the working and good-looking code on this site and for fixing most of Bucky's non-working code. In his free time,Armenagael enjoys long walks, fine dining, and plotting the destruction of his enemies. One does not contact Armenagael. He will contact you.

Næla, Daemonium Sempiternum (Designer / Human Manager)

The unknown terror that stalks men until their death, Næla takes the form of whatever bests suits her. Currently, it's a high school girl who has an unnatural passion for Zelda, but that is only for the next millenia or so (She lost a bet against Alexander Hamilton). She maintains a busy lifestyle of alternately torturing souls and playing a Nintendo Switch, and is only available due to Armenagael's ownership of compromising photos of the Devil. She can be contacted through a Blood-Rite, and will most likely be seeing you when you die.